We started Confidence House Cleaning Services in Orlando with a vision: Deliver the best quality of service possible with the most outstanding customer service at the price our clients can afford, today we are still driven by this vision.

Our mission is clear: make our clients happy!

Cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting us take care of the house cleaning. Then savor the pleasure of knowing your whole home has been cleaned by a insured, bonded and professional team you can always trust.

Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. If you would like to request a special service, change your cleaning schedule, or skip an area in your home, just let us know! We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.

Confidence house cleaning services in Orlando are available weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time. On every visit, your Confidence team dusts, vacuums, washes and sanitizes each room. Using our equipment and specially formulated products, we clean from left to right, top to bottom, so no detail is overlooked.

All Rooms
Dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards. Remove cobwebs. Vacuum carpets. Wash all floors and dry wood floors. Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions. Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.

Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables and chairs. Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. Clean and sanitize countertops and backsplashes. Clean the range top and refrigerator top and exterior. Clean microwave oven inside and out. Wash floors.

Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks. Clean and sanitize vanities, backsplashes and toilets. Clean mirrors. Polish chrome. Wash floors and tile walls. Deodorize.

Why us?

We provide a high-quality Home Cleaning Services in Orlando at a price you can afford


250,000 Cleans

We're a perfection-driven team of reliable pros, committed to providing the best and comfortable experience for you.



We’re committed to our customers satisfaction each and every time, if you’re not happy with our work, we’ll come back to make it right for FREE!


Cleaning Options

Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning products available upon request, safe for your family and pets.

Best Rate


Rest assured that you get the best value in home cleaning services in Orlando, our rates are flat and there are no hidden fees.

Are you on the lookout for a company that's known for house cleaning services in Orlando?

If you are, then you no longer have to worry!

All you have to do is call us at Confidence Cleaning. We're a local company that has the best reputation for house cleaning services in Orlando that's modern, detail-oriented, dependable, prompt, efficient and organized. If you want to prioritize cleanliness at home in the City Beautiful, then it's up to you to give our company a shout.

People in and around Orlando have so many incentives to hire our company for our residential cleaning work. If you're trying to make balanced and logical decisions that involve cleaning your home, you should learn about all of the perks of investing in our professional services.

Plentiful Choices in house cleaning services in Orlando

We're a team of professional cleaners who have a lot of training and ample experience tackling home cleaning products of all kinds and size classifications as well. If you're looking to deep clean every nook and cranny of your home, we can come through for you. If you're looking to lightly clean your living space on a consistent basis, we can still come through for you. There are honestly no home cleaning requests that are too ambitious or too minor for us. Are you looking to hire house cleaning services in Orlando who can sanitize your bathrooms and kitchen? We can make your bathrooms and kitchen hygienic, bright and spotless again. If you want to promote the highest degree of comfort and relaxation inside of your home, then all you have to do is ask us about our abilities.


We dust the tops of all kinds of furniture pieces. If you're looking for professionals who can dust surfaces meticulously, we're on hand. We can make the desk inside of your office look appealing again. We can make your living room coffee table look fresh as well. It doesn't matter if you need refrigerator dusting, countertop disinfection, trashcan emptying, toilet cleaning, bathtub grime removal, mirror cleaning or anything else along those lines. We can accommodate any and all of your house cleaning services in Orlando.


We will exhaustively clean all parts of your residence!

If you're on the lookout for professionals who can clean every single corner of your home, we're at your service. If you're in need of house cleaning services in Orlando from professionals who can concentrate you on your living room, master bedroom, finished basement, den, office, hallways or entry point, we're still at your service. We make it a piece of cake for customers to attain vacuuming assistance that's thorough. We make it just as easy for them to attain floor mopping results that tick off every single box.

People in Orlando no longer have to tolerate the presence of dust bunnies everywhere. They no longer have to be okay with grime accumulation, persistent stains or awful indoor air quality, either. If you're trying to find an house cleaning services in Orlando that has an extensive menu of home cleaning specialties, we're more than ready to serve you.

Residential cleaning results that are truly amazing.

Many reasons to recruit us:

  • Hiring our company can be a wonderful thing for your schedule and time in general. That's because cleaning any home thoroughly can be quite a big undertaking. If you lack the time necessary to able to shine in your home cleaning efforts, you can turn to our house cleaning services in Orlando.


  • Our house cleaning services in Orlando can be ideal for people who have demanding careers, course loads and social obligations. If you want to be able to set aside time for things in life that truly make you feel content and fulfilled, then you can leave your home cleaning needs in the hands of our skilled professionals.


  • Our house cleaning services in Orlando can be positive news for your financial situation, believe it or not. If you attempt to handle your home cleaning requirements independently, you may have to spend more money than you realize at first. That's because you have to round up all of the most effective and modern cleaning formulas, equipment pieces and tools.


  • If you want to save big on effective cleaning supplies, then hiring our house cleaning services in Orlando can work like a charm. We make excellent use out of advanced cleaner devices of all kinds. If you want to team up with professional cleaners who use the most impressive equipments and cleaning formulas on the market, simply say the word.

The advantages of hiring us for house cleaning services in Orlando

Cleaning a home thoroughly can be extremely tiring

That's the understatement of the century. It can be tough to squeeze into the tightest corners of your home to do away with persistent and unsightly dust. It can be hard to stand for hours at a time as you vacuum, mop and dust surfaces, too. If you want to protect your body from persistent pain episodes, stiffness and more, then you should hire our house cleaning services in Orlando. We are seasoned professionals who know how to take on home cleaning projects safely and without hassle. If you don't want to have to deal with stubborn lower back pains or anything else, then it's up to you to hire us.

Amateur house cleaning services in Orlando just cannot hold a candle to our professionalism. If you want your living room floor to literally shine, we can make your wishes come to fruition. If you want your guest bathroom to be a paradise for people who care about the highest level of residential sanitation, we can make your wishes a reality.

Our cleaning work can open our customers up to all kinds of undeniable advantages. We're a company that's particularly enticing. That's because our residential cleaning rates are consistently economical. We don't shock our customers with any mystery fees ever, either. If you want to work with an cleaning company that can provide you with outstanding value for house cleaning services in Orlando, we don't have any rivals.

We're a company that prioritizes full customer satisfaction

That's why we naturally prioritize the finest customer service techniques out there. If you want to hire house cleaning services in Orlando who are always prompt and detail-oriented, we won't disappoint you. If you want to work with a cleaning company that has some of the most organized, thoughtful and patient representatives in the entire industry, we still won't disappoint you. You can call us at any time to find out more about our abundance of choices in residential cleaning specialties.

We thoroughly provide house cleaning services in Orlando area. If you need to clean a tight apartment in the downtown area, let us know. If you need to clean a spacious home in the suburbs of the city, let us know that as well.

Are you waiting for Orlando's greatest and most dependable residential cleaning company? Call Confidence house cleaning services in Orlando at any time to learn more about our help. We manage all sorts of essential house cleaning tasks for our loyal customers.